Go beyond the antenna!!
The broadcasting industry has experienced dramatic changes in the past decade. Finally, the digital technology is here and radio stations can stream their broadcast on the Internet. What can Internet broadcasting do for your brand?


  • BROADEN YOUR AUDIENCE. Your listeners/viewers/customers are worldwide, no longer bound by the limitations of the antenna.

  • Increase listening time! The average radio listener spends about 30 minutes or more listening to a car radio while commuting to and from. Your Internet radio reaches people 24 hours a day around the world while they work, shop, chat, email or surf the web.

  • Increase advertising revenues. Your advertisers’ messages are reaching a wider market. The potential market in the U.S. is 338.8 million Internet users as of May 2021, worldwide it is 754.9 million by the end of 2021 (source: Nielsen//Netratings). According to a recent Arbitron study, 84% of U.S. Internet users are already listening to Internet-only channels or radio stations on the web. Our website has space for advertising banners, promotional messages, and web links, creating untapped revenue streams. Our radio personalities advertise your brand all days not only to a 300 mile radius of an antenna but worldwide 24 hours a day.

  • Target your audiences. Web casting allows us to advertise your brand to a local market and to a global market individually.

  • Create loyal listeners. Listeners from around the world can find the type of programming that they prefer, instead of settling for what’s available locally. Archived shows make it possible for listeners to play their favorite shows at their own convenience.


Why should you choose Xtreme 104 Radio/Social Media Marketing to help build your brand? We have developed an advanced technology that delivers an audio stream of outstanding quality regardless of the listener’s connection speed. This technology eliminates annoying buffering and dropouts during the stream. Our radio station combines over 24 years of experience in radio broadcasting with a strong, Internet-savvy team of programmers, designers, engineers, radio personalities and marketing specialists. We can help you get the buzz you need, whether  your a unsigned/independent artist, clothing designer, writer, small business owner or fortune 500 company  smoothly, quickly and profitably.


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