Have you ever done radio in the past, do radio elsewhere, do radio from home where you aren't in the position to have Live Guest, or just think you have an amazing personality and  think you have what it takes to do radio. Take it to the next level. Take you facebook and instagram live and podcast into a full media broadcast studio where you dint have to spend tons of money to buy equipment, space, etc. You want to be able to grow 
your audience and exposure for your brand. Xtreme 104 is the place to look. Xtreme 104 is fully registered and licensed with BMI (where music artist, labels and industry executives) can keep track of your radio spins as well as tap in and get reports of who's who and who's really buzzing in the underground. Xtreme 104 FM can be seen live on, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Youtube Live and most importantly Live on The ROKU Television Network, Amazon Prime and Vimeo The largest radio application for all smartphones, android, blackberries, iPhones, iPads and TuneIn Radio.

Xtreme 104 FM shows and staff have use of the broadcasting studio, call in phone lines, full social media promotion and more. Your guest can even record drops for your shows in our Platinum Recording Studio. 

If interested please visit www.xtreme104.comReadAbout Us and Email or with your show proposal, contact information and social media information and we can set up a meeting and tour of your new home.